Tom V. (tiotditv) wrote,
Tom V.

Justification of existence

What is the point of doing anything if you have to spend the majority of your time working on justifying it is what you do? It seems as if the study of the humanities and working on furthering the cause of the human spirit as opposed to furthering the cause of the economy has become so undervalued that those who do engage themselves in the practise spend more time arguing for their existence rather than working on what they are truly passionate about.

Anyone who knows me the tiniest bit knows that I am very anti-economy and I will once again air my thoughts here.

It all once again comes to to capitalism. In a society where the only thing of value is that which can be measured in monetary worth, understanding, knowledge, feeling of self-worth as a human being knowing they are a valued part of a greater society is worth less than the train fare to the city tomorrow morning. As a result, because we now value money as the true pursuit of life, anything other is devalued almost by default. Studies that have a truly intrinsic worth must now spend the majority of their time working towards convincing others that they have any value towards the money-orientated society.

That to me seems a tad cruel. Why would anyone feel like they need to justify their existence to those who created (or are working towards) a culture that attempts to stem out dissidents like a totalitarian regime? Why bother, are we not better than that?
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