Tom V. (tiotditv) wrote,
Tom V.

What is Truth?

"Everything we are is the result of what we have thought." - Buddha

That is absolutely true (pun intended, you will understand soon). Our entire life is nothing more than what our brain, our mind interprets us and the world around us to be. In essence it is impossible to prove that anything can really exist outside our mind because everything that we experience is an interpretation of the functions of our brain, and furthermore, our functions are the result of our experiences with ourselves and our socially interpreted world. Numerous experiements have shown that the brain does not know the difference between what it imagines and what it takes in from its five senses. When you see a chair and when you imagine a chair, the same part of the brain lights up and acts and functions in the exact same way. And that brings up the question of what is reality? That knowledge essentially confirms that every belief in everything can truly be true. If I want to believe that I can fly, I just need to imagine I'm flying. The reason however that we do not interpret imagination to be real is because our imagination has been built up to be a false social construct. One of the fundamental things we are all taught when we grow up is to be able to distinguish between imagination and reality. We are taught about the world around us, keyword being taught. We are taught to be able to tell the difference between our mind flying and our physical body flying. But we are never taught that the two are in essence not just linked, but are truly one and the same. Imagination is just as real as reality and reality is just as imaginary as our imagination. Of course if we were taught these ideas, which die-hard scientists would easily dismiss as bogus arguments, we would throw our entire perception of reality into question. Everything that you hear about the world could not be true, or maybe it is true but you just don't know what truth is. Truth then becomes nothing more than an idea that fits best with your preconcieved notions of the world. When we let go of the idea of reality vs. imagination, we lose sight of what interaction we have with the world around us and the interaction we have with our minds. That can, and has done so, lead people into psychosis, an almost brain-fuck like state where the individual has erased their identity due to being overwhelmed with the ideas of what is reality, what is imagination, if everything that exists is only a mental interpretation, do I really exist?
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