Tom V. (tiotditv) wrote,
Tom V.

High fuel consumption on almost new bike.

About a month ago, yeah thats about right, I bought myself a 2007 Kawasaki ER6-n (I made a post about it asking what you guys thought of that particular bike if you remember). After riding it now pretty much every day, I've both fallen in love with riding someone other than my girlfriend, but grown annoyed at the fuel consumption. It seems after only 180kms, the fuel light comes on intermittendly, and after 200 kms, it stays on for good. When I fill up, it takes about 12~13L, making the consumption a very high 6L/100km (~40mpg I think).

Is that normal?

I just cannot, for the life of me, imagine that an almost new bike, Japanese bike (you know they are nuts about their environmental mumbo jumbo), uses that much fuel? I really want to go for a ride out in the country, but I'm just afraid I'll run out. Is there anything I can check out on the bike to see why it might be drinking like an Irishman? Should I take it back to the dealer and ask them to have a look at it, or do I have to resign myself to riding a bike that will take me less distance than one of those old-people electric scooter things?

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